Thursday, 30 April 2009

You Will Survive

The first ESC aspirant of Hungary was Andrea Szulák with Árva Reggel (Lonely morning) in 1993. Now she is a host at Hungarian Television and a successful singer. This year Andrea was member of the internal jury of MTV. At the party Andrea addressed a song to her little bit anxious successor. Andrea and Zoli’s vocalists, Kasai and Gábor Heincz performed I Will Survive in an unplugged version.

Kasai is a Caribbean-American pianist, who has been living in Hungary for a long time, he is the lyricist of Dance With Me as well. Gábor Heincz “Biga” is also a musician, he plays guitar. Both of them could prove to have amazing voices during the farewell party when they sang Dance With Me - in jazz style.

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