Monday, 30 March 2009

Singing while dancing. Mission: Impossible?

Every proficient performer knows exactly that it is one of the most difficult challenges to sing and to dance simultaneously.

If you want to sing and to dance on stage at the same time, your mind has to switch off one of them – says Zoli Ádok, the only performer at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest who is a well-skilled singer and dancer as well.

As a graduate in psychology Zoli claims: people can concentrate on only one thing at one time. So he has to focus his attention on singing because dancing comes automatically for a former dancer and figure-skating champion.

Yes, Zoli was a junior champion in figure-skating as well and due to his previous gymnast practice he is able to do the most acrobatic feats during his stage performances.

Fan of ESC

No matter where I travelled, I watched the ESC every year, Zoli tells. “I have a lot of foreign friends. We organized a huge party in honour of the ESC and everyone brought some typical alcoholic beverages of their homeland. During each song everyone had to drink some of the matching drink. By the end of the programme we were in quite a good mood.”

What a surprise!

The Hungarian performer will not tell any details of the conception of his performance before the first open rehearsal. “I think it should be seen in Moscow for the first time ever. Let us explode like a bomb!” – Zoli said. One thing seems to be sure: he will work with most respectable experts so the audience of the Eurovision Song Contest can be prepared for an amazing and spectacular show.

Did you know?

Zoli will graduate in psychology in June. He is writing his thesis on "Mental states on stage" so as the strange situation when a performer on stage does not feel any pain or fear.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

DANCE WITH ME - in Moscow

Zoli Ádok to sing for Hungary

MTV Hungarian Television announced at a press conference on 23 February that this year's entry at the Eurovision Song Contest will be the song "Dance with me" performed by Zoli Ádok.

"Dance With Me is a joyful, dynamic song and we hope that it will rock the Olympic Stadium in Moscow as well as the millions of viewers at home." Jury member and creative director Zsolt Lengyel will work out the on-stage performance of the song together with Zoli Ádok during the next weeks. "It is very extraordinary that a good singer is also a skilled dancer at the same time. Professional motion and a confident stage presence are necessary requirements in order to give a spectacular show." - explained Zsolt Lengyel the decision of the jury. Jury member Gábor Gundel Takács who will be Hungary's commentator this year again, added: "The Eurovision Song Contest started as a competition of songs 54 years ago but became Europe's favourite tv-show with a three-part series of gigantic live events by now."

Zoli Ádok graduated in Pécs as a ballet dancer and then travelled around theDőlt world as a professional dance artist and musical actor. As a result, he speaks fluently English and German, moreover he has no difficulties with Spanish either. He performed in Switzerland in the musical Fame and he starred in the musical Cats in Berlin. With the latter he stood 500 times on stage! At home in Hungary he is a regular artist of the Operetta Theatre and the Madách Theatre. Zoli will perform the English version of his single "Tánclépés" which is also the title of his first album released in November 2008.